02 Apr Day 3

Day 3 was cut short due to a repair on the portable stove, which stole the better part of the morning - but 14km in somewhat easier conditions and beautiful scenery made the setback a minor occurrence. No time for the ascend today, but the...

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01 Apr Day 2

Good news from the guys today! Even though the headwind from yesterday continued throughout the second leg of the expedition, the boys almost tripled the distance in a demanding terrain. They’ve found a good rhythm, gradually increasing the pace. For every kilometer they feel more confident in both...

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31 Mar Day 1

After some hectic last days and strenuous preparations, the boys have said farewell to their loved ones and the scarcely populated city of Longyearbyen, and begun their journey towards Spitsbergens northernmost point, Verlegenhuken. Last night got late and they had to use the morning hours for additional...

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30 Mar 1 day before expedition

Last day of preparations! And what a day… We started off with decent 7 hours of sleep. After a good breakfast, we headed downtown Longyearbyen and started with the Governor of Svalbard's office. Next up to get the trip wires, another rifle, emergency flare, fuel/gas, more...

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  • Welcome to Svalbard from the polar bear at the airport at Longyearbyen
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29 Mar 2 days before expedition

Bjørn found his lost bag containing the skis at the airport this morning, releasing a big moment of joy and satisfaction towards the trip. However, checking in over 185kg of equipment using 6 bags/sleds/ski trolleys was a lot of work. Pulling them 370 kilometers north...

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28 Mar 3 days before expedition

Thanks for stopping by our website and our live blog from Svalbard. We have not yet been starting out our expedition at Svalbard, however the last few days have been quite the adventure for us. Waking up early trying to figure out how to manage a week...

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18 Feb Svalbard preparations

The days are passing quickly with preparations towards the upcoming expeditions to Svalbard and the Alps. Every day is passing on some kind of obstacle or problem, and we are spending a lot of time being frustrated. However, the hard training is releasing the stress...

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12 Jan Christmas fun part 3

A few pictures from one of the clear nights at Reime. Magical feeling just to wander around at night in the snow. The northern light could be spotted from time to time when looking north. Shot with a wide angle lens using these settings: 20-25 sec,...

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