Day 1

31 Mar Day 1

After some hectic last days and strenuous preparations, the boys have said farewell to their loved ones and the scarcely populated city of Longyearbyen, and begun their journey towards Spitsbergens northernmost point, Verlegenhuken.

Last night got late and they had to use the morning hours for additional organizing. When they finally started skiing about 1.30pm the weather welcomed them with a strong headwind, which persisted throughout the day. Today was all about familiarizing with the equipment and tuning in on the rhythm of the new reality.

The vastness of the expedition is both intimidating and alluring. Amid polar bear territory the threat is very real, but one of the biggest concerns before starting was the food intake. Both need to replace about 10 000 calories daily, which really requires an honest effort. The acclimatization seems to have gone fine so far, there have been no problems with nutrition today. This could change, but rumours has it they’ve brought a good portion quality food (note: chocolate and candy) to help them cope with the huge demands. Knowing the guys, this will not go untouched.

NE1Tor, smiling after finishing the first leg of the journey

After 6 hours the camp and the tripwire is set. Both Bjørn and Tor are amazed of the surroundings and the solitude, and are eager to pick up the pace tomorrow with a better forecast. Everything is as it should be at this point.

inreach inreach day1

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