Finally, the actual expedition has started! The first day was a bit challenging at times, but we´re on the move.

The 38 km transport from Kangerlussuaq took 5 hours. The driver lost track of the road and the heavy duty Range Rover got stuck in the ditches several times. It was not easy to see the road due to winds and heavy snow-fall. Finally, we reached the drop-off point at the glacier.

Spectacular views, these glaciers are really impressive! We had to pay attention to avoid crevasses, but we did 3 kms up the glacier before camping. Cold winds, but beautiful views.

We are having some problems with the inReach-gadgets, so the blog will be communicated via satellite phone. We still have slight cellular reception, and we managed to send the below picture.

Photo 13-04-2017Camp day 1

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