On our 21st day out here, we finally passed the summit point! Ironically, we made 21 kms today:)  It is a bit hard to distinguish between up-hill and down-hill. Afterall, it is not very steep..

Our legs are taking a real beating now, feels like they are hit by sticks and stones, followed by cramps.

On our 22nd day we only made 5-6kms before we had to set up the tent as the winds picked up again. So, now we are stuck, waiting for the storm to pass. It seems that we have to stay in the camp tomorrow and perhaps the next day as well. *sigh*.

Well well. We are at least warm and comfy inside our sleeping bags, while the winds are howling outside the tent. Gives us plenty of time to do some writing in the diary, and a good game of tic tac toe!

Our mentor Lars is mentioning that some food rations was buried under the snow last year,  100kms ahead. With a bit of luck, perhaps we can find it and gain a few additional days.





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