Day 26 was another great day out here. We managed 29 kms, and we had time for some flying with the drone. We even charged phones using solar panels, so we could listen to some music.

Seems like more stormy weather is coming, so we just have to see what happens and how far east we can go. It seems that the food will run out on Wednesday 10th of May.. We hope that have made it by then.

Still discussing with the Swedes about sharing a ride, but we are maybe not sufficiently aligned.

On our 27th day on the great white ice plane, we set another record: 40kms! That is good. We even managed a little ski sailing.

However, our mentor Lars is bringing somewhat bad news regarding the weather. A Piteraq is on it´s way. Piteraq is a storm caused by the cold air running down from the top of the ice cap, towards the valleys in the east. Winds of more than 30m/s is expected. So, tonight we are securing the tent with the usual snow wall etc., something we are getting quite good at:)

Right now, we have to face the following fact: we are not going to make to the east side. We only have food for 2 more days, and tomorrow we will probably have to stay in the tent, due to the winds. We are aiming for a heli transport of some kind on Wednesday. Trying to contact the swedes again, but without any luck so far.

In the below image you can see our current position. It might be so that this is how far we made it, let´s see what tomorrow brings.

Skjermbilde 2017-05-09 kl. 21.33.38



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