Today we walked for 9 hours, covering 12 kms in up-hill terrain. Slowly but surely, we are getting in the right direction. It seems we are passed the most challenging type of terrain, where everything is just up and down. However, we do need to pay attention to the various crevasses that can be anywhere. We are following the ridges, and try to stay close to where the actual ice is sticking up from the snow.

The weather was nice and sunny today, and temperature as high as 5-6 below zero (celsius) midday, while dropping to around 20 below zero in the evening/morning.

In below figure, you ca see our current position. Spirits are high, and we are looking forward to continue to increase the pace, and to reach the top of the glacier.

Skjermbilde 2017-04-16 kl. 22.15.24



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