Despite having 15 m/s of head wind all the way, this was a good day for us. We took advantage of the snow as we could take shortcuts and move in a straight line. In total we covered 14kms. Also, we are finally on to the skis.

We met some Swedes out here! We were invited inside their tent and exchanged sat phone numbers and gifts . They stayed in camp today due to the winds, and commented that only Norwegians keep walking in this weather…  In exchange of some home made marzipan, we received an energizing 1 kg of pure butter:) Cooking dinner in our own camp this evening, we rewarded ourselves with a good chunk  of butter in the casserole. That was a real treat!

We are expecting 20m/s or more of wind tomorrow, but we are moving more and more into the snowy part of the glacier rather then crevasses and ridges.

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