The two last days have been quite windy, with 20 m/s down in the “valley”, while 30m/s winds are reported further up.  We have covered around 14-15 kms a day and we are getting more and more intop of the glacier, rather than being in the “ice stream”.  Due to the low temperatures of below -20 degrees celcius, there is a lot of friction between the pulk and the icy snow, this keeps the pace down a little.

Vertical: Right now we are 1300 meters above sea level, MASL. We will continue to climb slowly but surely, until we reach approx 2500 MASL which is the level of the glacier plateau.

Horizontal: We are ca 130km away from one of the DYE stations that we are aiming for. These “cold war” US long range radar systems is resting ontop of the glacier and have not been in use since the late 80’s. Instead they have been serving as weather stations and core drilling facilities in later years.

Other than some heavy nausea during last night for Bjørn, we are feeling fine and all is well. Looking forward to reach the top, and to increse the pace.


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