2 days before expedition

29 Mar 2 days before expedition

Bjørn found his lost bag containing the skis at the airport this morning, releasing a big moment of joy and satisfaction towards the trip. However, checking in over 185kg of equipment using 6 bags/sleds/ski trolleys was a lot of work. Pulling them 370 kilometers north will be quite a workout.


Bjorn with almost 200 kgs of baggage


We didn’t get much sleep last night, and even less since we had to turn the watch 1 hour against our benefit. Nevertheless, we are on the way, and we are happy!

The discussion in the airplane is how much we managed to gain compared to each other, where Tor is leading with some kilos, having the benefits of staying at his parents the last couple of days. Bjørn didn’t gain as much, being stressed in Switzerland with too much school to be done before the trip. It will be interesting to see how our bodies will change throughout the expedition, with an estimated daily calorie use of 8000-10.000 kcal.

Welcome to Svalbard from the polar bear at the airport at Longyearbyen

Welcome to Svalbard from the polar bear at the airport at Longyearbyen


We are staying at Coal Miners Cabins, in the second floor of one of the cabins… The almost 200 kilograms of luggage made a workout of the day, and we are safely installed.

Also, it is important to mention how beautiful it is here. The mountain peeks surrounding Longyearbyen are steep and very characteristic of Svalbard, and the fjords are complementing the rough landscape. It is definitely a view to remember, and worth the travel alone. The houses here are also very characteristic, with its cynical design to cope with the hard climate.

Svalbard from the plane

Svalbard from the plane


Temperature is about -8 degrees Celsius , complemented by a very strong wind making it hard to keep the eyes open. Wind transported snow is reaching 10-15 meters above the ground, and with these conditions it shouldn’t be a problem to navigate.


Where are you headed?


Best regards from Svalbard

Tor and Bjorn


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