3 days before expedition

28 Mar 3 days before expedition

Thanks for stopping by our website and our live blog from Svalbard.

We have not yet been starting out our expedition at Svalbard, however the last few days have been quite the adventure for us. Waking up early trying to figure out how to manage a week of work within the next few hours. Organizing the travel and figuring out how to move 70 kilograms of snow sled by plane. Calling from one shipping company to another without finding a shipping price even remotely close to our budget. The equipment list is large enough to make the most experienced economist to break down in tears. Having one of our suit cases lost in Copenhagen is not making our job easier. SAS is supposed to send the bag (hopefully before Tuesday) to Svalbard, but did not promise anything as they didn’t know where it was…


The snow sled equipment haven’t arrived, so we have been running around to all the stores in Bergen trying to find some expedition gear to the sleds, and finally we learned that the sports stores at Svalbard would be glad to help us out. Shipping problem for that gear solved!

Our parents have been a great support during the last few days, and we wouldn’t have been prepared and ready for the expedition without their effort. They have been making about 10 kilograms of marzipan (25.000 kcal), biscuits of various kinds (10.000 kcal), breakfast cereal (10.000 kcal), they have been sorting out all the medical equipment, buying all sorts of extra food, and of course been of great physiological support (and sometimes a pain in the … reminding us about all the dangers we will find at Svalbard, such as bears, glacier crevasses, storms, etc.). We appreciate it, even if we run around being busy all the time. Also, thanks to Mathias, who is the mastermind behind this website.


The plane leaves in 6 hours, and we still have some work to do. The blog will hopefully be updated every day of the expedition with live news from our expedition at Svalbard. A satellite telephone will be used to contact our good friend Joackim, who again will update the blog with our map position and some information regarding the weather, bear attacks, glacier crevasses, our moods and wellbeing and much more!

Best regards,

Tor and Bjorn


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