Day 10

09 Apr Day 10

«And just when you think it can’t get any harder»

It really can. The guys had their toughest day yet, as they both had to pull one pulk at a time without skis on to get up a steep hill. The map showed a mild uphill, but the reality was – and I quote – «a big lie». In the next downhill one of the pulks overturned and broke one of the rando skis. They had to summon their inner MacGyver to repair the damage, which they (kind of) did («with a plank and lots of tape»).

Right now it’s a beautiful clear night sky and -30C°. They both are really looking forward till tomorrow when they’ll climb to the summit of «Newtontoppen» (Svalbards highest peak at 1713m) and ski down.

In other news: the last days immense energy usage have required a lot of eating, and the side effects have begun to show. Bjørn got some stomach problems and needs to go out of the tent quite often. Lets hope they remembered to buy imodium.

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Camp location for day 10: Lat: 78.963546 Lon: 17.564413

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