Day 4

03 Apr Day 4

Day 4

The first climb came today. The guys report of perfect conditions over one of Svalbards many glaciers, which from the GPS data looks like «Fimbulisen». Blue skies and a warming sun made the 14km and 823m elevation a stunning experience, though the clear weather also means freezing temperatures at night. The below -30°C will definitely strengthen the bonds with their bags further.

The height brought strong winds from every direction, but the gear really holds up to the task. According to the GPS, they’re now in the middle of «Sabine Land», currently camping at 568m above sea level.

The tripwire also got activated for the first time tonight. The first message for the day indicated that Tor was the guilty one, but a follow up acquitted him. If that means that they’ve not found the perpetrator/polar bear, or that the tripwire didn’t go off at all, is unclear. Let’s hope for the latter.

in4  inreach day 4

Camp location for day 4: Lat: 78.362173 Lon: 18.148061

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