Day 5

04 Apr Day 5

Day 5

Fog and low visibility characterized the first half of the day, but as they got higher up the glacier, the fog cleared and the sun bettered the conditions. They’re really starting to get familiarized with all the daily drills, routines and the equipment in general. Everything is going smooth at this point.

Today was another beautiful stage – 13km and almost 900 meters of elevation. Beautiful, and physically tough. With 80kgs pulks, the elevation takes its toll. They’ll pass a new glacier tomorrow and set course for «Newtontoppen», the highest peak on Svalbard, at 1 731m. The mountain is approximately 60km away, and if everything goes according to plan they’ll reach the top in 3 to 4 days. The camp for today is in the middle of Sassen–Bünsow Land National Park, 461m above sea level.

The temperatures are plummeting and have dropped even further. The boys are in for yet another cold night.

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Camp location for day 5: Lat: 78.443863 Lon: 17.893616


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