Day 9

08 Apr Day 9

Today was both beautiful and exhausting. The never ending ascend is now done, and they’re camping at «Newtontoppen», 1327 meters above sea level (the mountain summit is at 1713m and is Svalbards highest point). They really felt the weight of their pulks today, and the way to the top was a demanding one. Another day with a serious calorie deficit. No hallucinations this time, however, they were both totally empty when they reached the top.

Before setting up camp, they ate a solid meal of 2 packets of crispbread and a jar of peanut butter (each), which is about 3 000kcal. After the camp was set, they made a heavy dinner, with some candy afterwards. The feast was necessary brought them both physically an mentally back on track.

They’re enjoying some magnificent scenery, and the coming days will probably be easier, allowing them to cover more distance each day. No cellular reception today, so no images. Lets hope they find the sweetspots tomorrow.

99 9

Camp location for day 9: Lat: 78.864165 Lon: 17.417000


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