Expedition day number 23 was spent inside the tent. Why? Yet another round of strong winds,  30 m/s or more. We managed to do some repair work of some gloves and stuff, and the spirit is good. However, we are very eager to move on.

On the morning of the 24th day, we had 20 m/s winds, but we decided to get on move again. After fighting the head wind all day, we managed to cover some badly needed distance before camping.

It seems that our elevation is still increasing a bit, so perhaps the actual summit is yet to come?

The days ahead will be very crucial for us.  We have more than 200kms to go, and looking at the amount of food we have left, we need to cover far greater distances per day than we have managed so far. To be frank, we need a bit of luck regarding the weather.. Hope to experience some tailwind that can help us use the sail.

The Swedes that we met earlier, are not too far away.  We are discussing with them a possibility to share a heli ride from the top of the icefalls at around the 10th of May. However, Lars mentions that some stormy weather (yep…) will come around those days, which might make hard for the heli to fly. So, we must keep pushing! Stay tuned…!


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