Wednesday 10th of May. Our very last day out here. Or is it?

Helicopter was scheduled, and we prepared the temporary landing base by marking a 30 by 30 meter square with visible objects. A provisional windsock was made by a wind shelter liner. We have absolutely now food left, so all we had to do was to rest and wait for the heli, in the sunny weather. 

However, in the evening Lars had some depressing news: the helicopter had to abort the flight due to some heave clouds near the shore.. *sigh*. We had to set camp again, and prepare for another night!

Next morning we started to feel the hunger! Yes, we had plenty of water, but no food.. We looked anxiously towards the sky and the horizons, hoping to see as much blue as possible. Partly cloudy.. Patience.. Our mentor Lars did a great job communicating with the helicopter pilot and his team. Hours went by, without knowing if the heli would make it or not.

Then finally! We could hear the sound of the engine! hurray.. ! Pilot even brought us a little snack! Safe flight over to Kulusuk:) We are extremely tired, but very happy as well! Cheers!

Cell phone perception: images!!

File 11-05-2017, 21 59 11 File 11-05-2017, 22 01 59 File 11-05-2017, 22 18 13 File 11-05-2017, 22 18 27 File 11-05-2017, 22 18 48

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