09 Aug Nigardsbreen

On our way home from Geiranger and Ørsta, we detoured to Nigardsbreen. Steinar Bruheim from Jostedalen Breførarlag came to show us around the glacier.  He offered great knowledge and good company with his 30 years of experience as a glacier guide.


The name Nigardsbreen (Nigard Glacier) came from the farm Nigard, that was crushed by the glacier. During the “small ice age” from the 1600’s to mid 1700’s, the glacier moved forward with great speed. Today, the glacier have retracted 4,5 kilometers. 


The glacier seen from above the Nigards glacier water. The river is quite strong during summer, full of sediments from below the glacier, thus the grey color.


A guided group on their way up the spectacular route.


Steinar Bruheim, the general manager of Jostedalen Breførarlag, here together with Mingma Tsiri Sherpa. Mingma currently holds 19 Everst Ascents and is looking to conquer the world record of 21 times. 


The black hole. You don’t want to fall into that.


Another guided group on their way through the ice tunnel.


Steinar and Tor with the upper level of Nigardsbreen behind. The glacier arm divides into three parts a little further up the valley. It ends up at Jostedalsbreen.


One of the ice tunnels. Icy and solid conditions. The tunnel forms naturally, but the glacier then cuts a safe path to accommodate the visitors.


Nice views down the valley.


Bridge across the glacier melting water. Quite a lot of ice is melting from the glacier during summer!

Thanks Steinar and BFL for showing us around! See you again soon.



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