03 Aug Slogen

During our trip to Geiranger, we detoured to Slogen in Ørsta, as we are filming there next year for Untouched Norway. It is quite a well-known peak in Norway, offering alpine cliffs and steep mountain sides straight down to the Hjørung fjord. The Slogen peak is part of the Sunnmøre alps, and you will find a large number of spectacular peaks in this area. The views you will find is just amazing and we are really looking forward to film in Ørsta next year! 


Closing up to Øye, and the views were just getting better and better. This Norwegian cow said to us “you better watch your step up there, son, it will get steep and slippery”. And so it did. 


Øye, and its beautiful fjord, the mountains and the green vegetation below, welcomed us with great weather. For a while, at least..

So, the trip to Slogen starts at about 90 meters above sea level (masl) and ended up at 1564 masl. The horizontal distance is also 1600 meters, meaning an average of 45 degrees. Lucky we had 20 kgs of video equipment on our backs…


You  actually don’t need to climb a single meter to enjoy the views. Here is a shot of Smørskredtindane (1435) from the starting point.


A little further up the trail. Konehornet (1276) is towering up behind us.


Flowers and Smørskredtindane (1435).


The Hjørung fjord 


One small rock, and one large mountain, same geometries. The peak is called Jakta (1588)


Slogen. So, when we finally reached the ridge a little behind us, the rain started pouring. So much for the heavy drone backpack…


Right next to the top. The ridges are vertical down towards the fjord, so the view is open and beautiful. However, should be careful of where you put your foot.


On our way down. 1564 meters of amazing views, even in the rain.


A look back at Smørskredtindane (1435)


The cow said good bye and was happy we came back without slipping on the ridges! 😀

We will be back soon Ørsta, looking forward to start shooting next year! 


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