Training – Part 1

31 Oct Training – Part 1

Picture a cozy night in the coach while the wind is hauling outside. The heat from the oven in your house is acting as a supplement to the inner warmth of your well chosen glass of wine. As for most of us, this would sound like the sort of night you seldom would miss out on, especially together with good company.

Thats pretty much the opposite to our typical weekend.

While we are sort of attracted to the idea of the fairy tale story night described over, thats not quite how our lives are playing out.

Friday consisted of two run sessions followed by a swim workout, so saturday morning was all about sleeping and consumption of a large breakfast, probably enough to cover the average person calorie intake for a whole day. Both of us were stoked about our saturday mountain run, as we were to try the new backpack from Helsport – Snota 29L. With plenty of room available we got to bring all we needed for the run – except head lights.. As both of us are well known in the area of Vidden in Bergen, we didn’t pay too much attention to the missing equipment.

The rain was pouring and the strong wind managed to angle the droplets just about 90 degrees, just the right amount of cold rain in our faces to set the mood. A great and usual sight in Bergen. We were ready.

After starting the run up and through Våkedalen, we noticed the dark were coming earlier than we thought.. We continued the run, and after climbing to about 600 meter over the ocean we realized this was going to be a fight against the clock. The wind boosted up even more. Before we knew it everything was dark and foggy with the additional factor of heavy rain. The fog grew closer and most of us, knowing any kind of civilization  were a couple hour run away, would feel the panic creeping.

The wind transformed the rain droplets into small bullets crashing into our eyes, not making it easier to see anything at all. Unfortunately, there is no video of the last 1,5 hours of the run, as we were fighting hard to reach Ulriken before the dark really made it impossible to continue. About 2 km before Ulriken and after a handful of face plants along the barely visible track, we decided to walk the rest.

One of the reasons we fit so well together as buddies, entrepreneurs and training partners, is that we are able to find comedy in tragedy. And thats actually what  our saturday run was. A bright comedy in slightly dark tragedy.

Promising ourselves never to forget the simple but important things from now on is probably not preventing us from getting into difficult situations again.

Next update to follow soon.

Short video from the run here:


Tor and Bjørn

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